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Our Story

We are country-girl sisters that were taught from our grandmother's knee to eat healthfully and to choose natural over processed, whatever the product. The forming of Eden Pure Skin has been decades in the making if you consider the years of training from our grandparents and parents!
Eden Pure Skin had its beginnings several years ago in Laos and Indonesia, where we, both as expats working abroad, were greatly influenced by individuals there and the cultures'  approaches to health, beauty, and skin care. This, combined with the influence of family, created in us a passion to provide highest quality skin care products, free of harmful additives, and loaded with rich, beneficial ingredients for you.
Our late father was an entrepreneur and inventor and influenced the naming of our company. He would have been so delighted to see Eden Pure Skin as it is today.
Rhonda, the older sister, has three grown children and lives in Kingston, Ontario with her husband of 30+ years and Shannon, the younger, lives in Edmonton, Alberta with her husband of over five years. 
We hope you enjoy our site and our products. It really is our highest priority to provide you with products you can enjoy and feel great about using.
Shannon & Rhonda